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Richard The Poet


Our True Purpose On Earth

– Richard (RWO 2014 AdultWorkshop Participant)

  “We are here on earth to   discover who we are and become it, and by doing such, we will live in harmony with each other and nature, and we will have peace and brotherhood on earth. God’s will for us to have earth made in the image of heaven will be a reality. Know and be thy true self above all else.”


2014-2015 RWO Poetry Competition Winner

The Royal Writers Organization (RWO) ignites the spark already present in exceptional youngsters. Our focus is on utilizing traditional tools from our certified teacher advisers and non-traditional methods of participating artists to bring our workshops to schools, groups and individuals with writing mentors conducting creative workshops online and on site.




Through the donations of our supporters we are able to  offer community sponsored workshops to schools and organizations, and offer scholarships to students at our onsite location.  Our writiing workshops in the areas of poetry, children’s books, comic books, young novels, youth blogging, screen plays, song writing and essay writing enhance student's current curricula. The Category of workshops vary per season.  Please visit our "Current Workshops" page to view our current agenda. 







Looking for a way to excite your youth about writing?  

The Royal Writers Organization workshops are available for literacy week, community events, groups and school programs. Each workshop is catered to specific audiences and their needs.


Need help completing personal essays?  Our workshop leaders are able to help.  We consult via web conferencing, email and by phone. 


Volunteer opportunities available.  We are always in need of regular and occassional volunteers.  Whether in the vein of capacity building or special events, your help is appreciated.

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