With years of hard work, we have dveloped the insight into what our community needs and how to motivate the youth to reach their goals.

Bright Minds Deserve Like Company

      As a parent of four, supporting the goals of my children is my number one job. I know the pain of school searches, managing a budget, and the struggle over giving too much or too little.  What matters is being the person that our children can count on when needed. 

Wanting the best thing for my children and yours is why the Royal Writers Organization began.  Recognizing the abilities of our children and directing their talents is essential.  Smart kids deserve smart friends and a multicultural environment that will nurture their creativity. 

     Over the years, we have accomplished our goal, of bringing enrichment programs to the children of our community.  We have held our songwriting and comic book writing workshops in online classrooms accessible to children everywhere. We’ve brought poetry and essay writing workshops to schools, we’ve held mini writing workshops and contests at street fairs along the east coast, and have held young author and young screenwriting workshops on-site at our headquarters.  We worked with Google to explore computer coding with story writing, held school contests, field trips, and offered incentives and rewards to deserving students. We see the potential in children and meet the challenge with creative and responsive programs.

     We have found mentors who themselves are dedicated parents, educators, community activists and artists.  Our mentors love their children and yours by sharing themselves and their talents. We understand the creed that it takes a village to raise a child, we have the village, and we welcome you and your children with open arms.


- Jonita G. Saint-Leger

Founder/Executive Director







Spoken Word/Essay         Workshops

Journalism/ Poetry     Workshops

School/ Workshops

Enrichment Through Nourishment

Making memorable moments.

While our mission is to enrich the writing skills and abilities of young people, we understand that when undergoing financial difficulties learning can be a challenge.  The Royal Writers Corporation works with neighboring schools and community organizations to meet the occasional need of disadvantaged youth. If you are interested in donating to our snacks for kids that provide snacks to schools for students that need extra nourishment throughout the day, or holiday food and gift drive, please contact us at info@royalwriters.org.  Each year we select ten families from the community who need assistance and work to make their holiday a joyous one.

Community Service &Volunteerism

Learn capacity building while earning commuity service hours, you'll learn skills and confidence while being  supervised and guided.

Community Outreach & Volunteer Recruitment

Learn  how to organize  fundraisers, recruit new members and participate in volunteer drives. Enjoy meeting new people and discovering the world of networking.

Grant Seeking & Fundraising 

Gain expertise in seeking out appropriate grants, use organizational skills to track and schedule application deadlines.

Graphic Design, Copy Writing, 

 Show off your imagination creating and/or updating graphics and content for RWO's website.

Public Relations Marketing & Social Media

Have  you already discovered the exciting world of promotions through your personal social media sites?  Watch firsthand how  your skills can benefit others.

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